A New Way For Artists To Make Money Selling Art

paintbrushIf you’re an artist or a craftsperson, you may be able to create great looking art, but still struggle to find someone who is willing to buy any of your work. You know firsthand why someone came up with the name “starving artist.” For many artists, trying to make money selling art is a depressing struggle.

All artists have costs to cover when creating new projects. Depending on what medium you work with you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just trying to make something beautiful. Painters, for instance, have to canvases, brushes, paints, studio space, cleaning tools, and a lot more to buy. These materials aren’t cheap, and even if that painter does manage to sell the painting, the profit may not cover the out-of-pocket costs. For any kind of artist, there is a chance they will spend more money making a piece of art than selling it.

Steve Popkin was one of those artists. His specific medium was glass working. He wasn’t the best glass artist out there, but he was good. Except he never made any money. He could never get anyone to pay for the glass art he was making. The artwork he did move was either undersold or given away as gifts. He was tired, and he was going broke. Most of all he was frustrated. There were other artists who didn’t have his struggles with money. What were they doing that he wasn’t?

Steve decided to go into research mode. He looked into everything that these profitable artist were doing that he wasn’t. What he found out opened his eyes to making money in the art world. Steve was shocked to find out that selling artwork wasn’t about the how good the art was at all. The reason some artists were making money was because they were marketing themselves better. Steve applied what he learned and he was soon able to make his glass art sell.

But since so many of his artist colleagues were still struggling to sell their work, Steve decided that he shouldn’t keep what he found out to himself. He’s collected it all in a new course he calls How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out. This is an art marketing course for the thriving artist who wants to know how to do both: make art and make money.

This affordable course does what the art schools or drawing classes never teach you: how to market your work. The course contains an e-book with audio that will take you step by step through the ins and outs of marketing your work in the art world.

For an artist looking to make money this program is a necessary investment in their art. Artists who follow the “art for art’s sake” motto, may not find the program fits their needs. But remember, artists have been selling their work and making art history since paint first got mixed. That’s the central message in How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out.

You can be a thriving artist with How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out.