Everything Was Great Until He Needed Money Fast

moneytroubleStop me if you’ve heard this one.

This guy doesn’t have a job. He’s a college student so he can’t have a real job, plus the money he has goes towards his books (and maybe some of his “extracurricular activities”) He winds up putting a lot of the stuff he has on his credit cards—you know, those credit cards that they threw at him as soon as he started freshman year. His wallet is full of them. This is how he gets to live so well while he’s away from home.

Now that he’s out of school he can find a job. It isn’t easy but he does find something, and it’s kind of what he always wanted to do. Unfortunately, that means keeping up the right appearance and going out with the rest of the team after work to schmooze. So he puts the cost of his new wardrobe and the dinners he’s buying on the old credit cards too. The problem is that he’s not making enough to pay any of the old debt he racked up years ago, never mind all the bills he has to pay now that he’s living on his own.

Suddenly, they want to shut his electricity off. They are going to cancel his phone. Some guys who keep calling up are getting very annoying. If he had enough money to run away from it all, he would. He needed money fast.

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 An Easy Application Process

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No one was going to find out what he shared at LoansIsland. All of his financial info was encrypted and safe.

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That’s what he needed most—the cash in his hand. And he got it. That’s all that he asked for. The money was in his account on the next business day.

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