They Thought They Had Money Trouble, Then The Really Bad News Came

financialtroubleJim and Tracy didn’t know what they were going to do. There were the kids’ school clothes, the phone bills, the electric bills, the credit card bills that still needed to be paid off, the groceries, the car the insurance the gas the mortgage the repairs the EVERYTHING! It was more than they could handle. They just didn’t have the money to pay for all of these things. They were sinking—fast.

Jim and Stacy did their best to avoid their money trouble. They had already tried a few things to make ends meet at home. They had sold things from around the house to get some positive cash flow back into their lives. The bikes gathering dust in the garage, the old ice cream maker they got one Christmas, all of that kind of junk they sold. And it worked, for a while. Making money selling things they didn’t use lasted until they didn’t have anything left that they didn’t need. So Jim and Tracy were stuck again. Then the phone call came.

Jim was laid off from one of his two jobs. The impossible situation just became that much worse. Everything was about to fall apart. Jim had to get out there and find something fast, before the bills showed up for next month. That’s when Tracy found their family a lifeline. She was on the internet one day when she found out about BrickLoans.

At BrickLoans, Jim and Tracy could get a pay day loan without having to go through with an annoying approval process. The extra money they needed to pay our bills was in their hands. What exactly did they find at BrickLoans?

No Hassle Lending

It didn’t take Jim and Stacy more than two minutes to fill in their online application form. Before they knew it, they were approved

A Reputation for Security

All the financial information that Jim and Stacy shared about themselves with BrickLoans was safe and secure. Their data wasn’t made available to anyone else except their lender.

The Fastest Way to Get Cash

After they were approved, Jim and Stacy got the money they needed on just the next business day.

Jim and Stacy were able to breathe, and that’s all they really needed to get themselves back on their feet. If you need cash right away for any reason, check out BrickLoans right now.

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